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Mobile Document Routing and Approval

Timberscan Mobile gives your mobile users the power of Timberscan in the palm of their hands. Paperless routing and approval of invoices has never been more convenient. After an invoice is scanned and processed in Timberscan, a notification is sent to the computer or mobile device and it begins downloading in the background. Using the mobile apps you can code and approve invoices even when you are offline. Timberscan Mobile will automatically sync the next time you are online!

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  • Paperless Routing & Approval
  • Full Offline Capabilities
  • Native iOS & Android App
  • Invoice Coding & Annotation
  • Easy Implementation

Technical Requirements

Mobile Devices and Computers

Timberscan Mobile was developed as an app to work with the current line of mobile devices that use iOS and Android and as a web service for desktop and laptop computers.

  • Web Service Compatible with the latest versions of Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Safari
  • Apps are Compatible with the iLatest iOS and Android Operating System


The sync tool was designed to work within the following
specifications for your server

  • Server hardware purchased new within the last 5 years.
  • 64 bit Dual-Core (2.4 GHz) processor (Quad-Core recommended).
  • 8GB RAM (Must be physical RAM. 16GB Recommended)
  • 40GB hard drive free on System Partition (50% free space, 125 GB free space recommended).
  • Windows 2008 Server 64 bit.
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Latest Version of chosen accouting system.

How it Works?

How hh2 Works Cloud Synchronization Cloud Synchronization

Timberscan Mobile resides in the cloud, employing services that are located at a professional-grade data center, maintained and monitored 24/7. A sync tool is installed on your Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate server that keeps in constant contact with Timberscan and our data center. Employees at remote jobsites and in the office can access Timberscan Mobile anytime, anywhere.


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Implementation for Timberscan Mobile can be completed in 3 hours or less. We include 6 hours of implementation time with a purchase of Timberscan Mobile, making plenty of time for additional questions or any follow-up training that is required.


By using the support system built into Timberscan Mobile, resources from both Timberscan and hh² Cloud Services are mobilized to solve your problem. Timberscan will be your single point of contact to ensure that your issue is resolved in a timely manner. Timberscan and hh² Cloud Services are equally committed to making sure you have a great experience using Timberscan Mobile. You will benefit from our cumultive expertise.

Timberscan Support
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Our Monthly Pricing

Monthly Price*

See table of prices

* Pricing is based on the amount of documents processed through Timberscan Mobile that month.

Our Monthly Pricing

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Documents Price
0-250 $129.00
251-500 $147.00
501-750 $166.00
751-1000 $184.00
1001-1250 $202.00
1251-1500 $221.00
1501-1750 $239.00
1751-2000 $257.00
2001-2500 $276.00
2501-3000 $294.00
3001-3500 $312.00
3501-4000 $331.00
4001-4500 $349.00
4501-5000 $367.00
5001-5500 $386.00
5501-6000 $404.00
6001-6500 $422.00
6501-7000 $441.00
7001-7500 $459.00
7501-8000 $477.00
8001-8500 $496.00
8501-9000 $514.00
9001-9500 $532.00
9501-10000 $551.00
10001-11000 $569.00
11001-12000 $587.00
12001-13000 $606.00
13001-14000 $624.00
14001-15000 $642.00
15001-16000 $661.00
16001-17000 $679.00
17001-18000 $697.00
18001-19000 $716.00
19001-20000 $734.00

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